COMPLIANCE RULES FINANCIAL MUTUAL AID SYSTEM, hereinafter referred to as FMA SYSTEM acts as a digital technology platform based on an intelligent and secure system; Identifies all its registered participants and reserves the right to confirm the identity of its members when deemed necessary or at the request of any regulatory body. A participant can donate a maximum of up to 5,000 USD with the same email and the same Owner documentation. You can then change your data, except the Name, the official Identification number of the country where the donor resides and Login (login access), this data can not be changed. Platform using false data or documentation will result in the blocking or deletion of all Logins (login accesses) involved . Participants registered with FMA SYSTEM must be 18 years of age or older and be in full exercise of their civil capacity to know and agree to all the rules and conditions established in The terms of the Digital Platform, in addition to accepting and complying with all the rules and procedures of FMA SYSTEM and be aware that it is operating under a virtual system of voluntary donations decentralized, being aware that FMA SYSTEM does not receive money, We do not receive or buy goods, we are not a bank. The participant registered with FMA SYSTEM must be aware that he / she will participate in a voluntary community of donations, where donations are made among the people of the FMA SYSTEM community, not allowing their use for bad practices by participants And / or other users of the system, such as money laundering and other legal, economic and / or financial crimes, or that will be punished under the terms and conditions set forth herein.


Community members are fully aware that they are giving away or donating money which may NOT come back if other members of the community DO NOT want to donate when asked to do so by FMA SYSTEM.


The participant in FMA SYSTEM is free to exercise any additional activity to FMA SYSTEM, being understood as additional to belong to any company of networks of marketing in the World, as Distributor or Owner. The FMA SYSTEM participant must be aware and fully agree that no form of publication and / or print or digital publication (web, blogs, videos, social networks, radio, television or similar) must be used in disagreement with official channels Offered by the community on its website and / or official blog, to promote and publicize FMA SYSTEM and also to preserve the image of the community.


Community Guidelines

  1. If negotiations are carried out outside the FMA SYSTEM platform, it is not responsible for any inconveniences that may arise or the complaints in support will be heard.
  3. You are allowed to negotiate with the help provided that this is registered on the platform or in the messages that are sent between users.
  5. A user with Leader rank implies the responsibility of guiding and exercising leadership in their network, teaching, training in the management of the FMA SYSTEM, and teaching their network the use of Bitcoin in general.

NOT allowed:

  1. The use of the logos, strategic videos that have not been authorized and / or officially disclosed and without the expression "The participant".
  3. Use of other system logos to promote the FMA SYSTEM community.
  5. Make use of celebrity images and / or film and television artists, as if they were from the community.
  7. Make any promises related to investment or the promotion of gain from other forms of remuneration that the community does not provide.
  9. Speak, disclose or imply that FMA pays income or remuneration on current capital invested of any nature with the support of Governments or their Agencies and Regulators. FMA SYSTEM is a platform of people based on voluntary donations and does not receive money from any member of the community.
  11. Defame or speak ill of the community, if there is evidence that a user is defaming or speaking badly about the community, their account will be blocked without notice and their frozen balance
  12. Use false contact numbers, users who engage in these acts will be blocked.
  13. Use false identification number, users who engage in these acts will be blocked and will lose all right to request future aid.
  15. Create multiple accounts in order to make strategies to get more money out of the community, the members that are discovered in those actions will be blocked, if you have a balance, you will lose it without claims. This is an act considered a scam to the community.
  17. Creating strategies to get more money out of the community is strictly prohibited, such strategies will be taken as fraud as these malicious acts are harmful and attacks against all members of the community by such an agreement that irrevocably Members who incur in these acts will be penalized with the cancellation of their accounts without right to claims.
  19. Promises of profit "without involving anyone", "fast money", "easy money", "doing nothing" or any variation of expressing wealth without work or exaggerated and / or little facilities Realistic.